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 Adoption Tails

  • Valentine's Day started out completely normal this year. After going to lunch with my boyfriend, we swung by Petsmart to grab some food for one of my pets. As part of my usual routine, I ran around the store looking at all of the furry critters and "ooohing" and "awwing" at all of them. However, it was not until I reached the back of the store that I realized that AgHS was having an adoption event that day. I wandered around looking at all of the cats, but one in particular grabbed my attention. There Loki was, sprawled out on his back looking at me with what I could only describe as his "adopt me eyes." I stayed with Loki for almost an hour, contemplating whether or not it was finally the right time to share my apartment with a furry companion. When I had almost reached a decision, a volunteer came up and asked if I wanted to play with Loki and see what he was like. The moment they took him out, Loki ran into my lap and started purring as loud as a motor. It was at that moment that I knew I had found the perfect friend. I brought Loki home that day. Every day since then has been an adventure with Loki, from his daily (and very unsuccessful) attempts to sneakily catch my gerbil to him sleeping on top of my pillow every night. I couldn't have asked for a better companion to share my home with. Loki is, hands down, the best Valentine I've ever had. – Alex

  • RexWe fostered Rex from AHS in March of 2013, and we quickly became "foster failures" because we just had to make the little guy a permanent part of the family! Rex had heartworms and a respiratory infection. At first, he was way too skinny and just slept and sneezed all day.  Once he began heartworm treatment, he was a totally different dog! He started being energetic, smiling, and running around all the time! Rex now has two brothers and a sister, way too many toys, and is possibly the happiest dog I know. We are so thankful we gave him a chance and wanted to share his story! He fills our lives with so much joy each day! Thanks, AgHS!–Katie

  • SadieI adopted Sadie (formerly Coco) in 2011 from y'all. At first she was a pain! She tore stuff up...blinds, carpet, doors, and anything else you could imagine. It became clear that she had MAJOR separation anxiety. She also would have nothing to do with toys. I worked with her (instead of giving up like so many people) and she turned into the most PERFECT dog! Non destructive and LOVES her toys. I get so many compliments on her and people always saying if I ever decided to give her away (which I never will) that they'd gladly take her. Couldn't imagine my life without her!–Anika

  • RozThis is "Roz", we adopted her from ya'll back in March and just love her!!! She loves her bone:)–Asheley

  • Wanted to let you know the dog I adopted in July of this year has been a gem of a find. She is social, willing to learn, plucky, and persistent. Excitedly, she is becoming my gluten detection service dog to hlep me cope with my severe celiac disease. She has a big heart, big potential, in a small plucky loving package. Gypsy, Nomad to Service Dog.–Judith

  • On Friday, October 10, I adopted Hugh from your agency.  I just wanted to give you an update---he is thriving, getting lots of love and attention.  He stays close, rolls on his back for belly rubs, and last night started playing with toys.  He loves his Nylabone and his frog. He has a new haircut so I can see his adorable face.  I wanted to rescue him, but I think he actually rescued me.  Life sometimes jades us to what isn’t important.  He reminded me of unconditional love for the imperfections in all of us.   Thank you for what your agency does. –Yvonne



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