What is Bark Leader? 

Bark Leader is an exciting dog-to-dog fundraiser where your dog can raise money for homeless pets and a chance at being the Alpha Dog! Bark Leader is FREE to enter and benefits pets in need at AgHS. Alpha, Senior, and Junior Bark Leaders are announced at Aggieland Humane’s Wiener Fest in Wolf Pen Creek Park at the Amphitheater on October 14th!

Got a dog with spirit? Put them to the test.

Winners receive a professional photo shoot prizes and the right to represent Aggieland Humane for the year.

How it Works

STEP 1 : Register your dog’s fundraising page through our event page HERE.
STEP 2 : Join our team!
STEP 3 : Add pictures and a description of your pet and why you are raising funds for AgHS!
STEP 4 : Publish your page! (There is a small rocket on the left-hand side of the screen. Click that!)
STEP 5 : Share away with friends and family! You only have 1 month to be the Alpha Dog!




















Gabby was our 2016-17 Alpha Bark Leader. Gabby raised $4,000 for pets in need!


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Socket was our 2016-17 Senior Bark Leader. Socket raised $3,000 for pets in need!



Goober was our 2016-17 Junior Bark Leader. Goober raised $1,570 for pets in need!


nori transp

Nori was our 2015-16 Alpha Bark Leader.


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Socket was our 2015-16 Senior Bark Leader.


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Si was our 2015-16 Junior Bark Leader.



Zapp made Bark Leader history with his first run! Zapp raised over $3000 to support the homeless pets of AgHS. Zapp himself waited at AgHS for months before someone special saw his potential. Now a search and rescue dog Zapp proves that a rough start can still have a happy ending.



Remington is one smart cookie. He raised over $2500 for AgHS and represents the cause at all kinds of events. He can often be found working to educate the public on proper pet care or supporting various pet related events in the community.



Wienkie raised just over $1500 during his campaign for fame. Wienkie also started out at AgHS after he was found wandering the streets alone and scared. Now living the high life with his dachshund siblings Wienkie loves his title of Junior Bark Leader almost as much as his forever family.