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Cat Adoption Fee $50 | Kitten Adoption Fee $95 | Ambassador (purebred) $150

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Please note that we are typically unable to know how a particular cat is with dogs or other cats. For their safety, we do not place animals together in a way that could put them in danger. Our adoption counselors will give their insight as to whether a cat will pair well with other pets.

  • Momo&LinkI've had Link since last November 1st, and Momo was a late Christmas present from my boyfriend this year. I just wanted to say that I would not have survived this past year without them. I have been incredibly sick since Thanksgiving and am often unable to keep food down for weeks at a time, AND I am in my last semester of my Masters program at Texas A&M. Through all of this these two have been at my feet, sleeping on my face, or literally holding my hand. I've grown up with cats my whole life, but these two are something very special. Link likes to hold hands and Momo loves kisses more than anything in the world. Nothing and no one has ever been loved the way that Momo loves my boyfriend, Link, and I. People always say that their pet is a "rescue" when it is from a shelter, but I think we all know ‪#‎whorescuedwho. Thank you for these furry little blessings. I cannot imagine life without them.–Avalon

  • TwixBack in March, my significant other and I squeezed in a last minute visit to the Aggieland Humane Society before closing time. We had been to various pet stores and shelters looking for the perfect addition to our little home when a vocal tabby grabbed our attention. The nameless cat ran straight up to us and loved to be scratched and petted, and while we were complete strangers to her, she beamed with confidence and curiosity. We knew she was the one. 

    3 months later, Twix is definitely the queen of her domain. She loves viewing the world from her cat perch and receiving the last rays of sunshine from the day. She's patient when being handled and groomed and likes to investigate the strangers that sometimes visit. Her antics never cease to bring joy and amusement to our home. We couldn't have a better companion in our lives! Thank you for bringing us together!–Abby & Dylan