Maddie’s Miracle

Lucy was a terrier with a tousled white coat and a BIG problem. She was discovered roaming around with her pregnant belly sagging so low, it nearly touched the ground. Lucy was rushed to Aggieland Humane, where she received the medical care she urgently needed and was placed in foster care.

Lucy’s foster Mom, Maddie, felt an instant connection the moment she laid her eyes on Lucy. Maddie was thrilled to provide Lucy with a loving home in which to give birth to her litter of six beautiful puppies! As much as Maddie adored the fuzzy newborns, she couldn’t help but fall more and more in love with Lucy.


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Maddie was devastated when she learned that someone had been approved to adopt Lucy. She was broken-hearted when she whispered goodbye to Lucy, giving her one last hug. She thought that maybe if she adopted one of Lucy’s pups, she could fill the gaping hole in her heart.

When Maddie showed up to adopt Lucy’s puppy, shelter staff knew something she didn’t… Lucy’s potential adopter had decided it was not the right time to adopt. Maddie filled out all the adoption paperwork not realizing she was actually going to adopt Lucy! Maddie burst into tears of joy when Lucy was placed in her arms! Lucy’s guardian angel became her lifelong protector and Maddie will always treasure her loving companion.

Thank you for being there for the tears of joy and moments of pure delight when an abandoned pet feels the embrace of their soulmate for the first time. Every dog, puppy, cat, and kitten has its own story, and YOU give them a happy ending just like Lucy & Maddie’s.

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