2019 Wiener Fest Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in one of the largest and most popular non-profit events in Bryan/College Station. This year marks Aggieland Humane Society’s 13th Annual Wiener Fest. The event will be held in the beautiful Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater, 1015 Colgate Drive, College Station, TX 77840.

Booth Categories 

There are three categories of booths with different fees:

STANDARD COMMERCIAL BOOTH – 10×10 – $100. Vendor must supply own tent and electrical extension cords. There are a limited number of electric outlets. Need of electricity must be noted on the registration form. If more than one space is needed, a second space must be paid for. If the vendor is an Aggieland Humane Sponsor and wants to have a Standard Commercial Booth, the vendor will pay the Standard Booth fee.

NON-PROFIT BOOTH – 10×10 – $25. To qualify as a Non-Profit Vendor, you must be an IRS 501C3 organization and include tax identification number on the registration form. Same requirements as above for tent, extension cords, and electricity. If the vendor is an animal rescue group, the vendor must be an Approved Transfer Partner. Complete form at (https://aggielandhumane.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/AnimalRescueAPP-22.pdf) and return it to intake@aggielandhumane.org. You will be notified after review.

FOOD VENDOR BOOTH – size based on individual food trucks – $125. Must have a Brazos County Health Department permit paid for no later than 72 hours before Wiener Fest. Permit here – www.brazoshealth.org

Set-up Information 

Friday night, October 4 from 5-7pm (on site security is provided overnight) OR Saturday morning, October 5 from 7-9am. Time slots and booth numbers will be sent prior to event.  Vehicles are not permitted on the grass in the Amphitheater area but sidewalks can be used to drive to booths for unloading. Times for unloading are scheduled every 15 minutes. Please plan accordingly. Volunteers will be available to help unload. After unloading please move the vehicle to Post Oak Mall parking lot or one of the streets surrounding the area. Wiener Fest begins at 10 am.

 Commercial and Non-Profit vendors will be around the Amphitheater viewing area and will enter from the parking lot next to the playground. Food vendors will be in the Festival area and will enter from the parking lot next to the former Arts Center. Volunteers will help direct you to your space.

Maps will be provided.

City of College Station rules prohibits the sale of any animals at this event. Booths cannot be taken down early. Vehicles cannot come into the park until the park is clear of patrons and pets.

Registration closes at 6 p.m. Friday, September 26th.
See you October 5th!


We are looking forward to working with you. If you have questions call Alex at 979-775-5755 ext 119 or email her at donor_relations9@aggielandhumane.org.