5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807  | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org


5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807   | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org


dog day out


Give a shelter dog a break from the kennels for a day! Studies show that even a few hours outside of the kennel environment can reduce stress levels in dogs. 

Your outing can give vital insight on a dog’s personality outside of the shelter, give them peace and quiet, and meet potential adopters while out and about! 

Take the day to go for walks, grab a pup cup, pamper them with a bath, have lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant, or opt for a cozy staycation in your home! 

Be sure to take lots of pictures of your adventure and share them on your social media. Potential adopters love to see dogs enjoy a day out of the shelter!


We want to see pictures of your adventure! When potential adopters see dogs out and about, enjoying a pup cup, or snuggling on a comfy bed, imagining them in their life is easier. What’s better than seeing a happy dog? 

If you have any questions, you can access our Dog Day Out manual below. Please call the shelter at 979-775-5755 in case of emergency.


1. Participants must be at least 18 years old. 

2. The goal of Dog Day Out is to give a dog a break from the shelter environment and provide one-on-one time with humans. Please plan for a solo day and keep your dog day out friend and your pets separated. 

3. Please return your dog to the shelter no later than 4:00 PM. 

A safe environment for your doggy day out friend where they can receive socialization, exercise, and plenty of love!  You must also be available via phone to keep Aggieland Humane staff updated on your Dog Day Out pup. 

Please take lots of pictures and videos of your adventure and share them here. Did you learn anything new about your dog? Let us know! You can provide vital information for potential adopters!

Aggieland Humane will provide a dog seatbelt, “Adopt Me” leash/harness, “business cards” to share with anyone interested in adopting your Dog Day Out pup, and anything else you may need for a successful field trip!   

Please visit the Welcome Center after returning your dog for more information!