5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807  | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org


5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807   | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org




Foster care saves lives and provides temporary refuge for pets whose current condition is not manageable in a shelter setting. For every pet you foster, you save two lives; the life of the foster pet and the one that can take its place in our kennels. Please consider becoming a foster parent to a pet in need. It’s easier than you think!


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1. Foster parents must be at least 18 years old or have parental consent.

2. Any current pets in the home must be up to date on their vaccinations and county tags.

3. If you rent your property, it is your responsibility to verify that you are allowed to foster. AgHS will not be responsible for fines or fees resulting from pet violations or property damages.

A safe environment for your foster pet where they can receive socialization, exercise, and plenty of love! You must be able to transport your foster pet as needed, whether it’s to AgHS, scheduled vet appointments, adoption events, or meet-and-greets with potential adopters. You must also be available via phone or email to keep AgHS staff updated on your foster pet. 

Everything you need! We provide all supplies you’ll need to temporarily house and care for a pet, such as kennels, food, bowls, toys, and other supplies. We also provide all medical care as needed, like vaccines and check ups during the foster period. 

Length of stay varies for each individual foster pet. Fosters can stay with you anywhere from a few days to a couple of months, depending on their situation. The time frame for each foster placement will be discussed with you ahead of time.

You can apply to adopt your foster pet! You’ll go through our standard adoption process if/when the pet is available for adoption.