Tips For Helping A Found Pet 

There is no single place to post found pet information, so please be diligent and explore all the resources below.

If you decide to keep the pet while locating the owner, please contact Aggieland Humane to place a found ad.

Reservation Required for Owner Surrender and Out of (Brazos) County Pets

Animals will be taken in by reservation only, based on available space, which will be made on a first come, first served basis. If you have questions regarding the surrender of a found pet, please call (979)775-5755. If you would like to make a reservation, please fill out one of the owner surrender forms below and email or fax it to the office.

If an animal is deemed not adoptable at the time of their reservation, the person who brought the animal in is given the following options: to keep the pet and/or to take the animal to a veterinarian for treatment, to seek placement at a local animal shelter or rescue group or owner requested euthanasia.

This is sometimes difficult because microchip and license databases are not kept current by owners.  Use of the internet to locate new telephone numbers, addresses, etc. can be helpful.

  • If the pet has an ID tag, try this contact information first.
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip. All of the local vets and AgHS have microchip scanners, they will be happy to check a pet for a microchip.  If there is a microchip tag call to obtain contact information.

  • If licensed in Brazos County you can call this 24/7 Lost and Found number: 979.775.6094 The nice folks at this number will take down information and may have a report from the pet’s owners.
  • Rabies/Vet tag Call the Vet’s office with the tag number.  They can give you contact info or call the owners with your contact info.

Even if you have to turn the animal in to the shelter, please take time to get the word out regarding it’s plight.  Your ad or post can say it is in the shelter or have them contact you for details.  To be certain the owners are truly the pet’s folks, do not publicize all information.  Leave out one or two key identifiers that the owners can tell you. In cases that you cannot catch the animal call Animal Control, numbers below.  It can be of great value to post sightings of animals that are clearly lost and not caught.

  • Post signs at intersections within a 2 mile area of where pet was found. As well as grocery stores, community centers, pet stores, veterinary offices, churches and apartment complex laundromats. If possible have photo on the signs and fliers.
  • File a found pet report with Aggieland Humane Society and call your Animal Control Officers.
  • Advertise in newspapers and check “Lost” ads.  The Eagle runs free lost ads for one week, free found ads for two weeks: The Eagle: 979.776.7355, ; The Battalion: 979.845.0569, .
  • Ask neighbors, letter carriers and delivery people if they recognize the pet.  Give them a copy of your flier with contact info and photo.  Some neighborhoods have email listings that can be used to spread the word.

  • Contact veterinary clinics in your area to see if they recognize the animal.
  • Online Resources:  Post information about the foundling online. Include complete description, details of how, when, where pet was found, contact information to get in touch with you, a photo if possible.  Keep posting updated with sightings, news, concerns, etc.

**If you can keep the pet for a while Aggieland Humane Society will put a description into the Found Pet Book for folks who looking for lost critters. **If you are not able to keep it, please bring to the Shelter (mentioned above) or call the Animal Control Officer within your jurisdiction to pick it up.  The Shelter is where many will look for their lost pets.

If you live in College Station or Brazos County, please call the Aggieland Humane Society at the Leonard Road location at 979-775-5755

If you live in the City of Bryan, please call the Bryan Animal Center at the Finfeather Road location at 979-209-5260

College Station Animal Control: 979.764.3600
Bryan Animal Control: 979.361.3888
Brazos County Sheriff Animal Control: 979.361.4923