5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807  | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org


5359 Leonard Road, Bryan, Texas 77807   | 979-775-5755  | info@aggielandhumane.org


Surrendering Your Pet

Surrendering your pet can be a difficult decision to make.
We understand how hard it can be to rehome a pet, and appreciate your choice to surrender your animal responsibly.

Appointment Required to Owner Surrender Your Pets

Questions? For more information on surrendering pets, please call us at 979-775-5755. 

Other Resources for Surrendering Your Pet
Reach out to trusted friends, family, or other people in your network.
Many owners successfully find homes through the use of friends and social media. Post your pet’s information (pictures and a description of their personality) online. Ask your friends and family to spread the word- you never know who might be looking for a new pet!
Give yourself plenty of time.
If time allows, be patient in your rehoming search. It might take weeks or months to find the right fit for your pet. Allow potential new owners to take your pet on a trial basis if needed. 
If you’re moving to another country, check out pettravel.com. It’s a great resource that lists pet relocation requirements for over 100 countries. 
Check with realtors and property management companies about their pet policies in advance. If you’re moving to a city with a humane society or animal welfare organization, ask them about their surrender program or rehoming tips for the area. 
Having behavioral issues with your pet?
There are many experienced pet trainers and behavioral consultants available to assist you with your pet’s needs. Oftentimes pet stores offer training classes as well. Training can help you determine how to best communicate with your pet, and helps your pet learn how to respond to you. A little training can form a stronger partnership between you and your pet!
Additional online resources:
Search for breed-specific rescue groups online (husky rescue, poodle rescue, etc)
Get assistance with medical care through crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and waggle.org
Create a profile for your pet on rehome.adoptapet.com or home-home.org
Cat and dog $1.50 adoption special