Rules and Regulations

• ALL dogs must have a current Rabies Vaccination as of the date of the race. Proof of rabies in the form of a certificate from the administering veterinary clinic/low-cost event is required in order to register. Make sure the proof is uploaded with your online registration form. You may also want to bring a copy on site the day of the event. No race assignments will be made until records are received.

• Racers MUST be a Dachshund; although they do not have to be AKC registered. No mix breeds will be allowed. Wiener Fest Officials have the right to disqualify any dog if there is a question of the breed.

• Each dog/race entry requires a separate registration form.

• Pre-registration ends Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

• For those who pre-register, a confirmation email will be sent after your application is processed. In addition, a follow-up email with race details such as parking, check-in procedures, and tentative heat placement will be sent the Friday afternoon before the race weekend.


My dog is a Dachshund/X-breed mix, can I register them for the Wiener Races?

They would be Wanna-Be racers in the truest sense of the word and would need to be registered under their appropriate weight class.

My dog falls under several race categories, can I register them for multiple events?

Yes! Say you have an 11yr old, 3-legged, male Dachshund; you would be able to register him in the Male Wiener, Special Olympian Wiener, and Senior Wiener races if you so choose, but would need to fill out 3 separate applications and fees for each race.

Could I register my dog in both the Wiener Races and Wanna-Be categories?

No, your dog would need to race within one of the two categories.

Is there an age restriction?

No, however, the dog must be old enough to have received a rabies shot before the date of the race, so around 4 months old.

What is the age qualification for Senior Race categories?

8 years or older by the date of the race.


For the Wanna-Be races, are there any breed restrictions?

Absolutely not, all canine breeds are welcome!

My dog is a Dachshund, but their rabies certificate lists them as a different breed; which race would I register them under?

Whatever is on your pet’s rabies certificate.

My dog currently falls under X-Weight category, but we expect them to be a different weight class by the date of the race. What should I register them under?

Register them under their current weight, then either on the Monday before race weekend email their name, current weight, the race they’re currently registered under, and your name to licensing@aggielandhumane.org or on the day of the race inform the person at the registration desk of your dog’s change in weight.

My dog has a rabies vaccination, I received an email saying they needed another?

Your dog’s vaccination most likely expires before the date of the race, and as such, they will need a booster shot before they can participate.

I uploaded a picture of my dog’s rabies tag, why am I receiving an email asking for proof of vaccination?

Rabies tags can be easily transferred from one pet to another, as well as do not provide the exact date of expiration. Proof of your pet’s shot would need to be in the form of a certificate received at the time of vaccination.