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This first step to adopting a pet is filling out an adoption application. Applicants interested in the pets first need to be approved before being able to place a hold on or adopt the pet that they are interested in. Adoptions are first come (approved), first serve.  You can fax your adoption application to us at (979) 822-0411.

Adoption Requirements:

1. All dogs that will grow over 25 pounds require a fenced yard if they will live in the Bryan/College Station city limits.  You can fill out an appeal form if you feel as though you will be able to meet a larger dogs needs even though you do not have a yard.

2. Apartment residents need to write an appeal letter if they desire to adopt a dog that will exceed 25lbs.  We strongly recommend that apartment residents adopt small dogs under 25lbs.

3. A staff member will need to verify that your landlord allows pets. Pet deposits will be paid before the animal goes home.

4. You will need to provide proof that all dogs and cats living with the adopting family are current on their rabies vaccinations. If you live in Brazos County, any dogs, cats or ferrets you own must have current Brazos County tags.


Barn Cat Program

For those in need of organic pest control and willing to provide a home to cats who are’t quite right for house pets.


Rescue Application

For Rescue Groups interested in an animal. Applications must be approved in order to transfer an animal.


Pit Bull & Chow Addendum

Looking to adopt a pit bull or chow? You’ll need to fill out this addendum.


Adoption Application Letter

for persons in apartments or houses that do not have a yard


Other Animal Application

for hamsters, birds, livestock, etc.


Breed Request Form

Simply write your breed preference on the top of your adoption application and we’ll contact you when your preference arrives.





Adult Dogs $95


Puppies $125


Adult Cats $50


Kittens $95


Ambassadors $150

What does the adoption fee include?

  • Free spay or neuter
  • First vaccinations (DHLPP or FVRCP)
  • Deworming (Strongid-T)
  • Bordetella
  • Heartworm test for dogs over 6 months
  • Flea Control
  • 24-Hour Petwatch Microchip (includes International Registration)
  • Coupon for a Free General Physical
  • Coupons for local pet stores, local businesses,
    grooming, and obedience training
  • Gift of 30 days of  pet health insurance from 24 Hour Petwatch

24hr. Hold $20  Applicants interested in the pets must first be approved before being able to place a hold on or adopt a pet that they are interested in.  Adoptions are first come (approved applicant), first serve.





How do I adopt a pet from the Aggieland Humane Society?
Visit our available pets online (updated weekly).  Then come to our shelter or one of our mobile adoption events.

What kind of dogs/cats do you have?
The Aggieland Humane Society can receive up to 20 animals a day. Animals come into the building daily, so keep checking for new pets. This makes for a good selection of companions to choose from!

I’m looking for a purebred dog/cat. Who can help me find one?
We receive purebred dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at our shelters, and you are welcome to come down at any time and look at our selection. If you want a particular breed, and we do not have it at the time, you may also fill out a Breed Request to be placed on a waiting list. You may also check out

Does the Aggieland Humane Society have other animals for adoption besides dogs and cats?
Yes! We offer other animals for adoption such as horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, and mice. All of these adoptable animals can be seen on our Featured Pet and PetFinder pages when they are available. Livestock and pocket pets require a separate adoption application (this process is different from adopting a dog, cat or pocket pet). You may complete this application in advance on our Other Animal Application (PDF).

What forms of payment will you accept?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can you hold an animal for me?
We only hold animals with an approved application for a 24-hour time period to help you to make the decision to adopt or not adopt. We do not hold animals or take payment over the phone to reserve or adopt animals. We adopt strictly on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that animals may not be adopted for other people.

Can I decide not to have my animal spayed/neutered?
No. Any animal that is released from an animal shelter must be spayed or neutered under Texas law.

Read why it’s important to spay/neuter your pets!

Can I be notified if I want a particular type of dog or cat?
Yes! For more information on requesting a breed, click here.

If I wanted information on training, how could I get that?

Please visit