Who qualifies for an appointment with the AgHS Mobile Unit?

If you live in Brazos County and are currently receiving any form of government assistance, you may qualify for a low-cost spay/neuter procedure! You are required to show proof of government assistance on the day of your scheduled appointment. 

When will my appointment be scheduled for?

The Mobile Unit currently offers public appointments every week. All public low-income appointments are scheduled for Wednesdays unless a special event or holiday affects these dates.

How do I rent a humane trap for my outdoor/community cat?

You can rent a humane trap through the Front Desk at Aggieland Humane Society during normal business hours. A trap rental is $1/day with a $75 completely refundable deposit.

What if I do not qualify for a procedure through AgHS?

Check back periodically as we receive grants for various breeds throughout the year! If you do not qualify for a low-cost procedure with AgHS, we recommend contacting a local veterinarian.

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What is a spay?

A spay surgery is the removing of the ovaries and uterus from a female dog or cat. This eliminates heat cycles, pregnancies, and generally reduces the risk of certain cancers and unwanted behaviors that may lead to owner frustration and animal endangerment.

What is a neuter?

A neuter surgery is the removing of the testes from a male dog or cat. This reduces the breeding instinct and can make pets less likely to roam and more content to stay at home. It also decreases territorial marking and other unwanted behaviors exhibited by male dogs or cats.