What is TNR?

TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return. TNR works with community members to identity feral cats and educate the community on how to humanely trap and care for these cats.

Who is TNR for?

TNR is for outdoor, feral cats who frequently interact with other cats that may not be spayed or neutered. Cats are territorial and will defend their home from new cats moving in. As long as they are neutered, they will also not be reproducing generations and generations of new cats in the area.

How much will it cost to spay a feral cat?

A TNR feral cat spay/neuter only cost $5 for qualifiying areas. This covers the surgical spay/neuter procedure, a vaccine bundle, a rabies vaccine, and an ear tip. All feral cats are required to be in a humane trap on the day of their scheduled procedure. Traps are available to rent through the front desk at AgHS.

Why is that cat’s ear tipped?

The ear tip is a nationally accepted signifier that the cat is already fixed and cared for!

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Why TNR?

Cats can begin reproducing as early as four months old. They can have up to 3 litters a year! This means before a cat reaches one year old, they stand the chance of becoming a great-grandparent. When TNR is utilized correctly, these cat numbers begin to decrease. Other benefits to TNR include:

• Managed community cats live longer and healthier lives
•When you remove an outdoor cat from an area, another cat will move into its place.
•A spayed/neutered cat will maintain its territory without reproducing year after year.
• TNR reduces nuisance behavior such as fighting, foul smells from male urine, and yowling.